Loopers from Loopers Hanger on Vimeo.


What is a Loopers Hanger?!?

Loopers are a great addition to any closet.  This versatile little hanger has many uses.  Originally designed to solve the problems with hanging tank tops, we found it could do so much more!  Loopers will not replace your Huggable Hangers, wooden, wire, or plastic hangers, but be a perfect stylish addition to any closet! 

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Going away on vacation? Why hang your bathing suit on the hotel shower curtain rod or shower head?  Loopers are great to hang your bathing suit to dry, even outside on a windy day.

Loopers also hang flip flops!

Keep a Loopers Hanger in your hall closet to hang your scarves.

Loopers Hanger is a great gift!

Girls of all ages will love Loopers hangers!

Give Loopers along with a beautiful scarf or tank top for an extra special unique gift idea.


Loopers are Perfect for Hanging

Tank Tops

Many types of Dresses


Bathing Suits

Flip Flops

Dance Wear



Dog Clothing



And much more!

Hang multiple items on one Loopers Hanger.

Loopers keep your items neat and secure!